Your White Chocolate Fudge Recipe

by Vicky
(Hawkins, Tx)

White Chocolate Fudge

White Chocolate Fudge

There seems to be a mistake with your white chocolate fudge recipe.

I was researching every avenue looking for something different to make for my guests for Christmas, when I came upon your website.

At first I wasn't impressed with only a few recipes then saw the fudge which sounded marvelous. As I began to make this, when I got to where it said add the butter, I was in shock.

What butter? It was not listed at top with ingredients and so I have no idea how much to use.

I am very disappointed because it sounded so much like we might have recruited as an new all time favorite loving white chocolate and cream cheese the way we do.

Can you please correct this and email me when is updated, I hate it that we will not get to try this tomorrow!

Hi Vicky,

Sorry about the typo on the white chocolate fudge recipe.

There isn't any butter in the recipe. It should have read "Gradually add sugar and vanilla..." rather than "sugar and butter."

I'm glad you caught the mistake, of course, but it's unfortunate that you weren't able to deduce the typo by reading the entire recipe. I'm sure it would have been quite tasty for your guests.

You asked me to email you with the correction, but you didn't leave an email address. I hope you will see this response and still get to try out the white chocolate fudge yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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