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Hi, I am also considering this program. do you mind me asking are you really earning money from it?

$299 is a lot for me at once, but I need to do something to earn extra money. I am not able to leave home to do an 8hr day job. How much would you say you earn in an average month?


No, I don't mind you asking. :-) I had the same skepticism, which is good, especially with all the hype online for work at home programs.

I love the SBI program because it really does work. I was nervous to put out the $299 for the year, but my husband said I could charge it on my credit card and give it a try.

I'm making $500-$700 a month on this site at the moment. It doesn't take much work now that it is established, so I'm branching out to build other sites. I've really enjoyed learning how to do it.

I had NO experience, but the process is really simplified yet still challenging using SBI. It's definitely work and it does take a little time to get established, but if you are willing to put in the time and effort it will certainly pay.

I can actually make more with this site if I spend more time on it, and even sell my own products which I'm not doing at all. It has huge potential for the future, so I'm very pleased.

Different niches (topics) will do differently depending on supply and demand as well as how much time you can put into it. The SiteBuildIt program will help you with figuring out the best website topic for you.

I recommend it to my own offline friends and family as a real way to build an affordable long term business. Now that they see that it is working for me, they are getting more and more interested in trying it for themselves. :-)

I wish you all the best. To answer your main question - yes, the program is honest and reliable and works - if you use it and follow the instructions.


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Jul 11, 2010
Building An SBI Web Business
by: Angie

Hi Chante,

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a lovely comment. Yes, I do love using SBI and since I posted the earlier comments the amount of money I'm making has more than tripled because of the additional sites I've built in my spare time.

I recommend SiteBuildIt to all of my friends and family because it has been such a blessing to me and my husband.

It definitely takes work, like anything worthwhile, but it pays off.


Jul 11, 2010
You make it sound so easy!
by: Chante

Hi Angie! I LOVE your chocolate site! Your explanations of SBI! are very easy to understand. Thank you for sharing your heart and passion with us all!

Sep 29, 2008
Thanks for stopping by to drool!
by: Angie

Hi Annie,

Thanks for stopping by to drool, I mean look, at my site again. :) Yes, I couldn't have done it without SBI. They put the tools and instructions in my hands and I just use my own good sense for the rest.

It really is a great way for people who have a bit of time on their hands to turn their hobby into some extra income. Of course, I don't want to sell SBI short. It's also great for serious business people, too.

I just happened to be one who was looking to make some extra spending money. It's turned out to be much more than that for me, and I couldn't be happier.

My only regret is that I didn't know about it sooner! I can only imagine where I'd be with this if I had begun 10 years ago.

Oh well, better late than never. :) Thanks again for your kind words. Come back and visit (salivate) any old time!


Sep 28, 2008
Great site by a Great Person
by: Annie T. Baxter

Hi Angie! I've looked at your site before, but enjoy drooling over, I mean, looking at it again and again! Wanted to say that the more I read about SBI, and see the example's of actual sites, like yours, the more I like what I see. Even if a person has some knowledge of Internet Marketing, it seems that SBI would be the extra "umph" behind getting it all up and profiting. Anyway, just wanted to say hello!

Until next time...Annie

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