Yogurt Chips

by Andrea
(Harrison Twp, MI)

Yogurt Chips For Candy Making

Yogurt Chips For Candy Making

Where can you find yogurt flavored candy melts or chips for candy making?

I love making chocolate covered pretzels.

I see yogurt covered pretzels and raisins in the stores all the time and I want to be able to make those as well.

I have been trying to locate a website or even a store in southeast Michigan that would sell the coating melts or I did see chips, either one would be good.

Does anyone know where you can get the yogurt chips or melts?


Hi Andrea,

I also LOVE chocolate covered pretzels! Mmmm. On a recent visit to the States I discovered the new (to me) chocolate pretzel bites made by M&M's. They were SO addictive!

Of course, homemade treats are even better and I love your idea of making your own yogurt covered pretzels and raisins. Good thinking!

Have you looked for the yogurt chips in your local grocery store or Walmart? They are available in some parts of the country in that perhaps unexpected place. It's worth checking.

If you're looking to purchase the yogurt coating online, you'll find it on this page of Candyland Crafts.

The interesting thing about working with yogurt chips, yogurt melts, or yogurt coating is that you treat them just as you would chocolate. That's especially good news if you are already familiar with candy making with chocolate - melting, dipping, molding, etc. ;)

Let me know how your venture into making goodies dipped in yogurt flavored coatings turns out. I'd love to see some photos and hear about your experiences.

Have fun!
Angie from Chocolate Candy Mall

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