Writing On Chocolate Bars?

What else beside a contrasting candy color could be used to write something on chocolate bars?

I will be making various baby lollipops for a baby shower. I want to make chocolate bars and write the couples' names on them.

Instead of using a contrasting candy color to do this, I am planning to try food writer edible color markers and icing writer. I am hoping this will work. Any other ideas or suggestions?

I'm not sure if the color markers will show up if you are writing on milk or dark chocolate. I suppose you will have to experiment. If you use white chocolate candy bars they might work better.

One suggestion I read recently, which does involve using the contrasting colors, is to carve the names into the chocolate bar with an embossing stylus and then pour the melted chocolate in contrasting color over the carved letters. Use a spatula to spread it to fill all the lines and remove excess chocolate. I thought that was pretty clever and quite simple.

You can get food writers and icing writers of various colors and consistencies.

You'd want to be sure that it was a decoration that would set so that the names didn't smear when you wrapped it for presentation.

Let me know which you end up finding to be the most successful. Upload a picture or two for us here to show off your work. I'd love to see it.


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Dec 30, 2008
I used wilton cookie icing..
by: Madalena

I recently made eatable name tags (made with chocolate and filled with PB&J) and I used Wilton cookie icing. The tip was a little fat, but i squeezed tube slowly and it worked great!
Hope that helped, good luck!

Aug 07, 2008

Have you thought of making labels with the names?

Aug 07, 2008
writing on chocolate
by: susan

I did make lollipops and I will send in a picture. I used a product called frosting doodle. Which I found @ a.c. MOORE. iT WORKED GREAT

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