Wilton or Merckens Wafers

by RS

Which is better, Wilton or Merckens Wafers?

I am making candy bouquets out of Wilton and Merkens wafers and wanted to know if I could use the Wilton Cake color to color the White Chocolate. Would it do as well as the candy color? Wilton Cake color is not liquid, it is thick so that you would have to use a toothpick to use it.

Also I am new to making the molded candy and wanted to know if anyone knew which chocolate wafers were better to use, Wilton or Merckens?

Thanks so much.

Hi RS,

I think ultimately it is going to come down to personal preference when deciding between Merckens wafers or Wilton wafers. A lot of people seem to prefer the taste of the Merckens over the Wilton, but taste is so subjective.

If you already have both, why not use what you have up and then continue with whichever you personally prefer the taste of.

Another factor to consider is the ease of use. Again, the consensus I've read seems to indicate that Merckens is a little easier to work with as far as melting is concerned, but if you prefer the Wilton and have trouble with the thickness of the Wilton wafers when melting, just add a little Paramount Crystals from Candyland Crafts when melting and you'll have no trouble.

As for the question of using Wilton's icing coloring to color your chocolate, I would advise against it. The Wilton icing colors are not oil based and so you run a very high risk of causing your chocolate to seize up. It completely ruins the chocolate so that it can't be used for melting any longer. (You can still chop it up and use it in cookies/cakes).

Wilton has specific coloring for chocolate candy making, so you'll be better off sticking with that, or one of the powdered food coloring choices, also available at Candyland Crafts.

Hope that helps. We'd love to see your candy bouquets when you get them finished. Take plenty of photos! :) You can even chart your progress with the photos and then share them with us and we'll include them on the site with your experience of how you made them, etc. You can submit it all on the chocolate candy bouquet page using the form provided. I really look forward to seeing your work!

I'd also love to hear other opinions on the debate over Wilton or Merckens Wafers. Which do you prefer? Why? Use the comments link below to add your thoughts.


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Mar 21, 2012
Merckens - much better! NEW
by: Kathy

I personally like the Merckens chocolate much better than the Wilton. It has a smoother taste and is a "hit" every time I use it. The Wilton does not have a good consistency and I have had to throw out many 'batches'

Hope that helps.

Jan 10, 2012
Wilton or Merckens Wafers NEW
by: Bob

I personally like Merckens better. They have a more chocolate-y candy taste. Wilton's taste waxy. Just my opinion :)

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