Wilton Chocolate Lollipops

by Lisa

What is the shelf life of Wilton chocolate lollipops once you make them?

I want to make chocolate lollipops using the Wilton choc melts and molds. I will be away for most of December, so I wanted to make them now, in November for our family Christmas dinner.

Will they taste OK if I freeze them, or put lollipop wraps on them and leave them on the counter?


Hi Lisa,

Chocolate lollipops made with molds should keep easily for several weeks, so you can make them before you go and save them for Christmas.

I wouldn't freeze them if I were you. The chocolate tends to get discoloration from the condensation when you defrost the lollipops, and it really isn't necessary.

What I would suggest is that you go ahead and wrap them in the cellophane lollipop wrappers and then place them inside an airtight container while you are away.

The added protection of the airtight container will help ensure that they don't absorb any odors while they are waiting for the big day.

Chocolate easily absorbs the smells of the items around it, so you don't want your lollipops left near onions, garlic, scented candles, potpourri, etc. :)

A second thought is to be sure that you leave them in an area where the temperature will be stable. For example, you don't want them left on the counter near a window where the sun is going to shine in and warm up the container, etc.

I hope that you'll take a few photos of your Christmas Wilton chocolate lollipops and add them to our Christmas page when you get them finished. We'd love to see how they turn out!

I hope you have a lovely trip and also a wonderful Christmas.


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