Wilton Candy Melt Machine

by Carolyn Perot

Wilton Candy Melt Machine

Wilton Candy Melt Machine

I have a Wilton candy melt machine.

When I dip marshmallows in the chocolate, they melt the marshmallow. How do I keep the marshmallows from melting when dipped?

The melting pot has 2 settings - warm and hot/melt.


Hi Carolyn,

I assume you are referring to something like the Wilton melting pot in the photo above. Is this similar to the kind you have yourself?

I would assume that the reason the marshmallows are melting is because the chocolate is too hot. Are you keeping it on the lowest setting possible?

Even if you begin with the higher setting to melt the chocolate, you'll want to return it to the low setting and let it cool back down for a while until you can safely dip the marshmallows without melting them in the process.

Chocolate covered marshmallows are some of my favorite treats. I love what you can do with them, too.

You can make marshmallow pops and even decorate the chocolate dipped marshmallows with various toppings - coconut, crushed nuts, sprinkles, jimmies, etc.

Of course, you can also use varying colors of chocolate to decorate the marshmallows. What fun!

What plans do you have for your chocolate dipped marshmallows? We'd love to hear more. :)

I hope that you will be able to successfully dip your marshmallows in your Wilton candy melt machine without further trouble. If the low setting doesn't work for you, you may have to turn it off completely for several minutes in order to cool the chocolate down far enough.

Let me know how it turns out for you.

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