Will Chocolate Candy Stay Fresh?

by Mari
(St Louis, MO USA)

If I order 3 months in advance, will chocolate candy stay fresh, or should I wait weeks before the wedding date?

How early can I order wrapped candy (for a wedding) in order for chocolate to stay fresh? What is the freshness date on chocolate?

Hi Mari,

It usually depends on the type of chocolate when considering will chocolate candy stay fresh long enough to purchase it well in advance of the special event.

I have no problem with storing regular chocolate or cream filled chocolates for a few months (apart from the overwhelming temptation to steal some from time to time!). :-)

If you are ordering something that is highly perishable like chocolate covered strawberries, or even certain types of truffles, you need to buy them much closer to the wedding day.

The most important part to remember about storing the chocolate before the wedding is that you keep your chocolate wedding candy in moderate temperature so that it doesn't melt or get too cold.

If the chocolate candy is exposed to extremes in temperature, it will probably develop bloom and won't look so pretty on the big day. ;-) It will still taste fine, but you don't want grayish or yellowing chocolate at your wedding, I'm sure!

One other tip to keep in mind is that you don't want to store the chocolate candy near any strong smells (like around scented candles, potpourri, onions, spices, etc.), because the chocolate absorbs smells easily and that could be unpleasant too.

I hope the wedding is a wonderful day for all involved and that the chocolate is just the icing on the cake (so to speak!).


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