Why does the chocolate crack on my peanutbutter eggs?

by Sharon
(Wilkes Barre PA,USA)

I am making peanutbutter eggs. The chocolate cracks on the bottom of the egg. On most of my eggs there is an oval piece that pops out on most every egg that I dip.

I have put them in refrig for 10-15 minutes after dipping as per my chocolate company, but it continues to crack. I double dip the bottoms and many times the peanut butter cream still pushes through the bottom of the egg.

Can someone help me with this?

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Feb 06, 2010
cracking chocolate
by: Miranda

I have had this problem when making truffles. If your centers are too cold, the chocolate solidifies too quickly and then draws up around the center, causing either a crack or sometimes fine little threads of filling to come out the sides (almost like play doh being run through that little plastic press we used to use as children to either make spaghetti or hair, boy, that really takes me back!) If you are using couveture chocolate, (made for professional dipping, like Calebaut, for instance, this is what I use) I would not refrigerate the chocolates after dipping. Refrigeration can not only cause the cracking, but also condensation that can make ugly little spots on your finished product. Also, maybe warm up your room a couple of degrees, right around 70 works okay for me. You want the chocolate to enrobe the center and then set up. Hope this can be a little help for you.

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