Why does chocolate get white dots when it sets?

by Shabz

I'm trying to make chocolate coated balls.

I melt the chocolate in a pre-heated glass bowl. When I coat the balls they look fine but when they dry (set) they get white dots on them.

How can I prevent the dots from appearing?

Hi Shabz,

Usually the reason chocolate gets white dots is because of a change in temperature that causes the fat and/or sugars to separate and rise to the surface. This is called "bloom."

When you make your chocolate coated balls, are you placing them in the refrigerator or freezer to set? That may be the problem.

Try allowing them to set at room temperature and see if you still get the same results.

Another problem may be that the centers (balls) are cold when you dip them in the chocolate. Is that the case? If so, try letting the centers reach room temperature before covering them in chocolate.

I hope one of those suggestions provides you with the solution and gets rid of the white dots for you.

Kind regards,

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