Why Does Chocolate Discolor?

by Josephine Bost
(Emporia, Virginia)

After you mold your chocolate, how long does it have to sit out and why does chocolate discolor if you put it in a storage container?

I am making homemade Easter Candy, I put it in storage containers after it was unmolded and sat out for a little bit. When I went to get it today, it was discolored and lost its sheen. I am not sure what I did wrong. I am using chocolate chips.

Hi Josephine,

Chocolate usually discolors for one of two reasons:

1. Moisture or condensation - This usually occurs when chocolate has been placed in the refrigerator or freezer to chill or set.

If you feel you need to use this method, don't overdo it. Or if you want to freeze your chocolates to extend their shelf life, be careful to wrap them well and also to allow them to defrost while still wrapped so that they return to room temperature gradually and without condensation build up on the chocolate.

2. Temperature changes - Chocolate doesn't like to get too warm or too cold. The changes in temperature can cause the chocolate to bloom, too. Try to store your chocolate in a moderate temperature without fluctuations.

When you stored your molded chocolate in the containers, were they completely set? Do you know if the container was sitting someplace where it would have been subject to temperature changes over night?

The only other problem that I can think of that would cause the chocolate to discolor would be if you got the chocolate chips too hot when you were melting them.

Be careful to only allow the chocolate to just start to melt and stir it well to help the rest of the chocolate to melt. You don't want the temperature of the chocolate to rise any more than absolutely necessary.

To help maintain a nice sheen, try adding a tsp. or so of vegetable shortening (like Crisco) to the chocolate while you are melting it.

Hope this helps.

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