Why did my praline melt in the freezer?

by Noori

Why did my praline melt in the freezer?

I tried to make a double-layered dessert of nut praline and ice cream.

I made the praline first and poured it in the molds, then took it out to check they had set they had, so I put them back in).

Then I made my ice cream and poured it into the molds over the praline.

I froze this for approx 11 hours, and when I took it out the praline had turned syrupy.

Why did this happen?

Hi Noori,

I've never actually tried to freeze praline, so I can't really speak from experience on this one. My guess is that the moisture from the ice cream triggered the syrupy reaction of your nut praline candy layer.

I've heard other people mention that you can freeze praline, but it is usually in the contest of keeping it in an airtight container or very well wrapped. I assume that, too, is to keep the moisture out.

Here's another thought... Was the ice cream mixture cold or hot when you poured it over the praline? If it was warm, that would probably have caused the praline to melt and the freezer wouldn't be able to cause it to set again the way cooking the sugar syrup does.

Sugar is wonderful (at least my taste buds think so), but it is also unstable in a lot of ways when it comes to candy making. There is a real science behind it all that determines the various reactions.

I'm hoping maybe someone else will come along who has more experience on this particular subject or who has successfully frozen their nut praline and can share some tips with you for future reference.


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