Why did my dark chocolate bark turn whitish?

by Judy
(Willlow Grove, PA)

Why did my dark chocolate bark turn whitish?

Within 2 days of making my dark chocolate-nut-cherry bark, a whitish film coating was evident on the candy.

The candy was refrigerated after making and cooling.

It still tasted good but was not as pretty for gift giving. Help!

Hi Judy,

Chocolate usually gets that whitish look when it is affected by either temperature or moisture. It's called chocolate bloom.

One of our other CCM visitors discovered that by getting some warm water and gently brushing the top of the chocolate with a pastry brush, she was able to eliminate the white spots from her homemade chocolates.

Why not give it a try on a small section of your scrumptious sounding dark chocolate-nut-cherry bark and let us know if it does the trick! While you're at it, why not share your recipe too. :)

In future, you may find that if you add a teaspoon of Crisco vegetable shortening to your chocolate when melting that you won't have the problem of chocolate bloom to deal with.

Also, if you are going to refrigerate the chocolate bark, try to use an airtight container and let it return to room temperature still covered to cut down on the condensation build up.

Let us know how it turns out!

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