Why Are My Lollipops Rough?

by Elle

Please help! Why are my lollipops rough? (brittle)

I know this isn't about chocolate but it's so urgent! I'm making 500 lollipops for an event coming up. I have made 120 so far, and about half of them are rough.

Here are the directions I follow:

1. Pour butter & sugar into a pan til caramelized.
2. Add 3/4 cup corn syrup.
3. Heat to 275 degrees.
4. Add gelatin for color and flavor (I use 8 oz).
5. Spray molds with pam; pour in working quickly.

About 20% of em have turned out nice and smooth. What can I do to ensure they are all smooth? I am getting paid to do this so I want it to be perfect!

Gosh if you guys answer I'll be sosososo grateful! I've been searching for a half hour on Google trying to find something to tell me! Ah!

With love,

Hi Elle,

It sounds like you are saying your lollipops are coming out with a lumpy texture (like sandpaper?) rather than that they are brittle. Hard candy is generally brittle.

Your lollipop recipe is a bit unusual, but I'm not sure why your lollipops are rough. I've got a few thoughts that you can consider.

I'm wondering if you can look at them and determine if it might be air bubbles causing the rough surface. Depending on how fast you can work with the syrup, you might want to try tapping the mold on the countertop right after filling them to jiggle out any air bubbles.

Anther thought is that perhaps the gelatin is not dissolving completely and leaving a rough texture on the surface of the lollipops. Does that sound like it could be the problem?

You might want to try using color and flavor oils instead of gelatin.

Finally, the only other thing I can think of off the top of my head that could be making your lollipops rough is if the sugar is crystallizing in your candy mixture.

To prevent crystallization, you need to keep a pastry brush and some hot water on hand to wash down the insides of your pot as you are bringing the syrup up to the right temperature. (The water will simply evaporate).

Don't know if any of that will help, but I hope something will stand out as being your specific issue. Also, other candy makers might have some suggestions and can add them below using the comment link.


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