Why am I having trouble melting my colored melting wafers?

by Janice
(Brooklyn, NY )

Why am I having trouble melting my colored melting wafers?

I melt my light green and blue melting wafers in the microwave in the same kind of squeeze tubes I use for my milk and dark chocolate wafers.

I never have a problem melting the milk and dark chocolate wafers but the colored wafers clump and clog the nozzles leaving me frustrated and unable to complete projects...

...I am starting a business and am desperate to figure out how to correct this problem. I have even tried adding a bit of vegetable oil to thin out the melted wafers after they are clumping but no luck thus far.


Hi Janice,

Is there any chance that you had some moisture in your squeeze tubes that have caused your colored melts to seize? That's usually the culprit.

I don't know of any reason why colored melts would act differently than your regular chocolate wafers.

I know some people like to use paramount crystals (from Candyland Crafts) to help make their chocolate wafers melt more smoother, thinner, and creamier.

Is anyone else having this same difficulty? Do you have a solution for Janice?


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Sep 20, 2013
melting problems NEW
by: Mirian

I 've been experiencing this problem with either white or colored wafers lately ;so have two friends,we all live in PR we've been melting for years. No moisture in the wafers & paramount crystals used.EXTREMELY HOT WEATHER AND HUMIDITY AND NOT FRESH CHOCOLATE SEEM TO BE OUR PROBLEM.


Nov 15, 2009
Trouble Melting Colored Candy Wafers
by: Robin

I have this problem with colored wafers also I think it has to do with the dye that is used. Also the older the candy is the more it seems to do this. Make sure what you buy is fresh and has not been on the shelf a long time. You could also use white chocolate and add coloring yourself however this costs more and adds to prep time.

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