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whitman chocolates sampler

Do you remember the Whitman Chocolates Sampler candy in the pretty yellow box?

Whitman's Sampler brings back so many fond memories of childhood! 

What I particularly loved about the Whitman's candy company is that they made really small boxes of chocolates available so that even a young girl could scrounge up enough money to buy her beloved mother an extra special treat.

My mom made a big deal about that little box of Whitman chocolates with only 4 pieces inside. You'd think I gave her pure gold!

My precious mother went to be with the Lord in January of 2010, but even while she was fighting the cancer before she died, she was thrilled with the little box of Whitman's Sampler chocolates that my dad bought for her to entice her to enjoy a little something.

I guess the Whitman's Sampler will always hold a special place in my heart. But wait till I tell you this funny little story. 

There's nothing little about that Whitman's Sampler box of chocolates in the photo above! It's a GIANT box of chocolates. I do believe it's the largest box of candy that I've ever seen! How about you?

whitman chocolates sampler

It holds a whopping 1.134 kgs (2.5 pounds) of Whitman chocolates. Now, I've seen boxes of chocolate that contained more chocolate (some day I'll tell you about this 5lb. box of chocolate I once had), but I've never seen one where the BOX was as big as this. 

Seriously, this delightful Christmas gift, presented to me by my dear friends, Ron and Anne Farrah, had me laughing in stitches it was so huge! The box itself measures 23" x 15" and it's nearly 3" thick! What a riot!

You'd have to know my friend Anne. I won't tell her age or she'll never forgive me! Let's just say she's old enough to be my mother and leave it at that. But she's probably only about 4'10" high herself, so when she came out carrying this giant wrapped present, it seemed nearly as big as she was. What a sight!

When I tore off the wrap as I usually do and saw the contents, I know my jaw dropped! They knew nothing about my history with the Whitman's Sampler, and warm memories rushed over me, before the humor of the situation hit me full force. 

I've been in Australia for nearly 15 years now. I've never once even seen a box of Whitman chocolates here in the country, let alone one of this proportion! When I asked her where in the world she'd found such a thing, she told me that they found it during their regular grocery shop a few weeks previously.

Right away, Anne declared "We have to get this for Angie for Christmas!" I got the giggles when she told me that Ron said, "Do you think we should encourage her?" :~) He knows me too well! Thankfully, Anne prevailed.

Check out the details of this large scale chocolate sampler...

whitman chocolates sampler

True to form, even this novelty box of chocolate from Whitman's had the trusty candy guide on the inside of the lid, so that I could be sure to avoid the coconut filled candies. The coconut filled chocolates were the first ones I gave to Ron and Anne!

Don't you just love knowing what's in each piece without having to squish the bottoms and "ruin" all the chocolates? I do! A chocolate map is a symbol of quality in my book!

whitman chocolates sampler

It's a blessing to have good memories. It's a blessing to have good friends, and it's a blessing to have good chocolate! 

The thoughtfulness of my kind friends brought me laughter and pleasure, but it also brought me the joy of savoring those dear memories of my precious mother. Isn't God good?

I hope YOU have a special blessing this Christmas, too, that let's you feel like you got an unexpected hug, whether it involves chocolate or not!

Merry Christmas, 2011!

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