White Chocolate Candy
A Pale Imitation?

white chocolate candy

Many people don't consider white chocolate candy to be "real" chocolate at all.

Okay, I admit that I felt that way myself for the longest time. I would eat white chocolate if that's all there was on offer, but I never enjoyed it as much as I did milk chocolate and dark chocolate candy.

Then one day I tried a Lindt white chocolate truffle. Mmmmmm. I couldn't believe how scrumptious it was. I was converted to white chocolate that day and have learned a good lesson.

The quality of the chocolate makes all the difference, even when you're talking about white chocolate.

Even if you are a lot like I was and don't enjoy white chocolate by itself, you may discover that it has loads of appeal when combined with other ingredients or even used along with its more illustrious "sisters."

White chocolate candy can be found in a variety of different and unexpected places.

You can get white chocolate covered popcorn, white chocolate golf balls, white chocolate candy bars, even edible designer white chocolate high heels! I know, weird and wonderful, isn't it?

There are always plenty of good choices, and now that I've become a white chocolate lover, my trouble is making up my mind! Here's quite a selection for you to devour with your eyes. Which will you choose? :)

What Is White Chocolate Anyway?

White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar, vanilla, and lecithin. It does not contain cocoa solids like milk and dark chocolates do. The cocoa butter gives it a scent and flavor that resembles dark chocolate, but most of its flavor comes from the sugar and vanilla.

In 2004, the standard setters of the USA decided that white chocolate had to have at least 20% cocoa butter, 14% milk solids, and 55% sweeteners to make the grade. Different countries have different standards based on their own criteria. Isn't is amazing to know that somewhere out there is someone with the job of determining these weighty matters? :)

You may be happy to know that white chocolate does not contain any caffeine. I thought I would throw that in there in case you needed an extra excuse to give in. :)

White Chocolate or Imitation?

There is a definite difference between genuine white chocolate and its imitation. Because of the cocoa butter, white chocolate is not purely white, but more creamy colored.

The imitations are often called white confectionery coating, summer coating, candy coating, almond bark, or white compound coating. To be on the safe side, check the ingredients.

The imitations are made from vegetable fat and do not contain any cocoa butter. These "other" versions of white chocolate can be great in certain candy making recipes, but I just wanted you to be aware of the differences in flavor, etc., so you will know what to expect.

So, is white chocolate really chocolate or not? My conclusion? White chocolate contains cocoa butter, so, of course, it is chocolate! :)
Indulge yourself!

Have a look at these white chocolate candy recipes if you are in the mood to create something scrumptious.

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