Which type of cocoa powder is used in making candy?

by Prof. V.G. Krishnamurthy
(Chennai , Tamilnadu, India )

Which type of cocoa powder is used in making candy?

I want to make a sweet candy using Sesame seeds and jaggery. I would like to add cocoa powder for nutritional benefits. Please let me know:

Which type of cocoa powder is to be used?

How much quantity of cocoa powder be added to 1 Kg of candy?

What is the process involved in adding the cocoa powder into the raw material mix?

I normally follow the following process in making candy without cocoa:

  1. Make jaggery paste.
  2. Add sesame seeds into jaggery paste when it is in boiling state, stirring well to homogenize the mixture.
  3. Replace the mixture on to a tray.
  4. After cooling pack the candy.

The purpose of adding cocoa is to make people like it (almost every one on this earth like chocolates) and also to tap the flavonoids, specifically epicatechin content of the cocoa for the health benefits.

Hope I made my question clear to you. Please give me the needed details at your earliest.

Prof.V.G.Krishnamurthy, Chennai, India

Hi Professor,

Sounds like an interesting recipe you are making. I'm not personally familiar with jaggery, but I would guess that you would just want to use natural unsweetened cocoa powder.

Which type of cocoa powder is used in making candy? There are two types of cocoa powder usually used in making sweets - natural unsweetened cocoa powder and dutch processed cocoa powder (alkalized). You can use either type of cocoa powder when making candy, depending on your personal preference.

It's my understanding that the jaggery is a form of sugar so that will add the sweetness and compliment the deep, slightly bitter flavor of the chocolate of natural unsweetened cocoa powder. That's what I would probably try first.

As for the amount to use and when to add it, I'm afraid you'll probably have to experiment a little.

It sounds to me like the best time to add it would be when you are adding the sesame seeds.

I would suggest you start with 1 cup of cocoa powder and see if that is sufficient flavor for 1 kg. (2 lbs.) of candy.

Please let us know how your recipe turns out.


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