When are you available for tutelage?

by Susan
(Atherton, Qld, Australia)

Time Spent with Friends is indeed well spent!

Time Spent with Friends is indeed well spent!

Hi Angie!

I was so happy to spend some time with you today! Thank you so much for the stamps. I really appreciate having them and will think of you whenever I use them :-)

On another topic, I talked to hubby about SiteBuildIt and he agreed to let me purchase two sites!! So I clicked on the link at the bottom of your home page on this site and bought them! Right away!

I am about to go listen to the orientation program and start getting to understand what I need to know. I am so excited about this and am really looking forward to building a site.

I would love to get together with you again soon! I don't know what questions I will have yet, but am sure there will be some :-) And anyway, I enjoy your company a great deal!

Susan Luke


I am so pleased for you! Glad to know that hubby said yes! You are going to do fantastic with your site, I have no doubt.

Your cards, scrapbooks, and various stamping and paper crafts are so classy and creative! It is a wonderful idea for an online business. With SBI to give you the edge, you'll be bringing in a steady income before you know it.

You know I am ready and willing to help you whenever you like. The SBI program is wonderfully user friendly, but we all need someone to clarify things from time to time. I didn't have a "mentor" that I knew, but I found tremendous help in the member forums. I always run there when I get over my head.

Once you get your site up and running, we'll add a link here so that other visitors can see what you've accomplished.

Talk to you soon!

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Oct 16, 2009
Susan's Site is Stunning!
by: Angie

Hi Romy,

Thanks for your encouraging words to Susan. She has put in a lot of time and effort with her SBI site and now Papercraft Central is becoming a real crafter's masterpiece.

I'm glad to hear you are doing well with your website built with SiteBuildIt (SBI).


Oct 16, 2009
Just Came Across Your Comment
by: Romy Macias

Hello Susan and Angie,

Just ran across your post and I wanted to add my comment.

First of all, Susan, welcome on board to SBI. I too am an SBI owner and am so happy to be working with such a great company. Sorry you didn't get the immediate attention in the beginning, but you are in good hands now and congratulations for your soon to be online business!

Susan, I want to commend you on such a great site. I've been following your comments at the Forums and look forward to building my site success like your own.

I signed-up with SBI on December 25th, 2007. It was my Christmas present to myself - one of the wisest investments I've made! But actually started seriously building my site until July 2008, due to some graduate work I was finishing.

Now, I'm able to work on my site in the evenings and on weekends mostly, as I have a day job I enjoy very much. In my case, my expectations were to learn a new business and slowly build it over a few years time.

As you see, each SBI owner has different expectations for their business, but one thing is for sure, the company has hugely exceeded what I thought they could teach and give me, in terms of tools and support.

So Susan, just know that you are about to embark on a real learning experience and an amazing journey. I wish you the best and know that there are lots of SBIers willing to lend a hand.



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