What's the best ready-made caramel to use in candy making?

by JR

What's the best ready-made caramel to use in candy making?

I am making about 150 chocolate caramel turtles for a wedding, but would like to purchase the caramel ready-made to use for this.

I'm hoping to find a caramel that has rich buttery, salty notes and some depth. My local grocery store has the cube caramels for sale, but they just have a 'sweet' and bland taste.

Please let me know if you can recommend a good source for buying some delicious ready-made caramel for candy-making.

Many thanks!

Hi JR,

I would suggest choosing either the Merckens or Peters caramel from Candyland Crafts.

Both of those caramels are very nice, but for turtles, I think you'd like the Peter's a little bit better. Everyone's "tastes" are different, so you may want to get a bit of both and see which one you prefer.

I hope your caramel turtles turn out wonderful and that the wedding is as lovely has you could hope for.


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