What makes Pralines turn Sugary?

by Jim Fuhrmann
(Rapid City, SD)

What makes Old Fashion Date & Nut Fudge or Pralines turn sugary?

I use a candy thermometer and adjusted down about 7 degrees for our 3500 ft. elevation and yet our candy turns sugary.

Hi Jim,

Candy mixtures like toffees and pralines can turn sugary quite easily if you aren't extra careful.

You need to be sure to stir gently and continuously throughout the cooking process. Watch the mixture that splashes up the sides of the pan.

That sugar on the sides tends to crystallize and spread through the whole batch. To avoid that, keep a pastry brush and hot water handy so that you can brush down the sides throughout the cooking process. The excess water will evaporate and not hurt the candy at all.

With fudge, that's a different matter. You want to make sure the sugar dissolves all the way, but you also need to be careful not to get the mixture too hot. Depending on the recipe, you don't want to get water in the chocolate at all.

Since you've lowered your cooking temperature, I assume you tested your thermometer, just in case? If not, do that too. Water boils at 212 deg. of course at sea level. Whatever it boils at for you at your altitude and with your thermometer, adjust the temperature accordingly.

I hope that helps some,

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