What kind of chocolate can be used in chocolate candy molds?

by Aimee
(Ontario, Canada)

I am looking to make molded chocolate candy, but wondered if I could use any other type of chocolate beside wafers?

Can you give me some advice and alternatives for what chocolate works best in chocolate molds?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Aimee,

What kind of chocolate can be used in chocolate candy molds?

That's a good question! The chocolate wafers are easy to use, but they aren't always the highest quality chocolate.

You really can use any type of chocolate you like. You can use basic chocolate chips from the grocery store, even.

Some people like to get really nice gourmet chocolate bars and melt them down for making molded chocolates for special occasions.

It's really up to you. Choose a chocolate that you love the taste of and melt it using the methods described in the how to mold chocolate candy section.

If you are making them for a special event, you should consider tempering the chocolate for the best finish possible.

Some chocolate used for candy making doesn't need to be tempered because it doesn't contain much or any cocoa butter. It will usually have a vegetable oil substitute in place of the cocoa butter. This type of chocolate is usually referred to as a "chocolate coating."

"Real chocolate" on the other hand (containing cocoa butter) comes up much nicer when it has been properly tempered. You get a shinier finish and a crisp snap to it.

I usually don't go to that trouble of tempering my chocolate unless I'm determined to have them turn out first class. They usually don't last that long around here to worry about, though!

Have fun making your chocolates! Do take a photo and show us your finished molded chocolates when you are done. :-) I'd love to drool over them.


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Apr 05, 2023
Hershey Kisses NEW
by: vg

Can I use basic Hershey kisses to melt down and make easter bunnies from plastic molds? I am unsure if once I melt them they will set hard enough.

Aug 09, 2018
try Chocoley.com NEW
by: Debbie

I also was looking for name brands of chocolate to buy for molds...
I have used Chocoley.com to buy their molding candy in milk and dark chocolate... try them... I have not tried Mercken's yet ... I did try Peter's Eastchester milk chocolate and that is good... but thinner than the Chocoley molding chocolate..

Feb 24, 2018
almond bark NEW
by: Ashley Fraser

Almond bark is what I use. I love it! I make chocolate covered peanut butter eggs for easter.

Feb 11, 2018
Didn't answer the question NEW
by: Rena

I was asking what to look for in good/ best quality chocolate but you didn't answer the question .... you answered everything BUT! sheesh!

Nov 13, 2017
Melts at room temp NEW
by: Mandy

I made chocolate shoes for my granddaughter using galaxy chocolate.her fav.it melted as soon as a touched it .what's best to use so dusnt melt.

Oct 10, 2016
Chocolate chips and coconut oil NEW
by: Rian

I use milk chocolate chips and coconut oil. It works for me. Perfection isn't a must, though.I did adjust the measurements to 25% coconut oil.

Oct 31, 2015
Chocolate melt faster then usual NEW
by: Andy

Chocolate chips i bought from the store does not melt in room temperature. But I realise that, after moulding was done and I took the chocolate out from the frezzer, it melts in normal room temperature. Why is it so?

May 02, 2011
Cheapest molds and very good quality
by: Anonymous

One of the cheapest place to buy candy molds is at Candy in Concepts, every mold is $2 each and they accept money orders too. Very good quality and they also have 3D molds, very awesome.

Mar 27, 2011
Melting Sugar Free Chocolate Chips
by: Katie

You CAN put a tablespoon of shortening or parrafin when melting your sugar free chocolate chips while they are melting, but you don't necessarily have to.

It might be a good idea to just have something on hand and then if you feel it needs it, add it.

The purpose is really to melt a little easier and set a little better, so I'd probably just go for it.

Mar 27, 2011
melting chocolate chips
by: Anne

When using chocolate chips, I plan to use sugar free ones, do you need to mix anything else with chocolate, someone mentioned oil, somewhere else I read use paraffin

Apr 10, 2008
Chocolate Candy
by: Anonymous

Making chocolate candy can be great fun. Before you start, though, you will need the right tools, one of which would be a good quality candy mold.

You are so right! Good chocolate candy making molds are very important.

I love the quality and selection available at Candyland Crafts and One Stop Candle.

You'll love them, too. :-)

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