What is the best temperature to display chocolate?

by Chocolate Diva
(Atlanta, GA)

Dear Angie, please help!

I've started a small business and have been researching different types of coolers, freezers and even wine coolers.

I need to know after making a chocolate item, what is the best or perfect temperature to store and display chocolate items so they will not soften or melt?

My concern is how to keep the chocolates' shiny luster. When it turns dull it just does not look as nice to me.

I live in Atlanta, Ga so you can understand why this is such an important issue.

Your advise will be greatly appreciated!

Chocolate Diva

Dear Chocolate Diva,

Are you tempering your chocolate when making your candy? It will retain its shine better and be less unstable.

Even if you do not temper, be careful not to overheat the chocolate when melting. If you let the temperature get too hot when melting, that affects the shine, too.

The best temperature to display chocolate or store chocolate is between 62° and 70°F. I would imagine in Georgia, that would be a challenge unless the room is air conditioned.

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Hope your venture is a great success!

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