What colors make peach?

by Christine

What colors make peach?

I want to dye a rose mold peach. They are wedding favors for my wedding. The mold has to be painted 2 different colors so I was going to make it completely chocolate and dye white candy green for the leaves and peach for the actual rose since a peach rose is my theme. What colors would I use to dye it peach?

Hi Christine,

First let me say congratulations on your upcoming wedding! That's very exciting! Peach was my main color for my wedding 18 years ago. How time flies! :-)

You have two options. You can do as you suggested and mix colors to get peach. In that case you would want to mix orange and yellow. I'm guessing equal parts of each, but you'd have to experiment to get the exact shade you want.

The second option is, instead of coloring white chocolate, you can just purchase the peach and green candy melts and save yourself the trouble of mixing.

You can get the peach melts (and green) at Candyland Crafts and they are quite inexpensive. Check to see if you like that shade (of course everyone's monitor is a slightly different color).

If you do decide to mix your own, be sure to use proper oil based colors for mixing with chocolate, not just regular food coloring. You can also find colors for mixing at Candyland Crafts.

They are my 'go to' place whenever I need candy making supplies. They even have the white chocolate if you don't already have it, including gourmet chocolate, tempering chocolate, and chocolate melts.

I hope you'll be sure and show us your finished roses before you give them away at the wedding! We'd love to see how they turned out!

All the very best for your special day!

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Feb 22, 2011
Skin Colored Chocolate
by: Angie

What I'd do is get the peach and white colored melts and mix those together when melting. It will lighten the peach to a paler skin tone color.

You can get them, as mentioned above, at Candyland Crafts.

Feb 21, 2011
Cabbage Patch Lollipops
by: Anonymous

What colors do you suggest to make Caucasian light skin cabbage patch lollipops, white mixed with what?

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