What can I use in chocolate to keep it from melting?

What can I use in chocolate to keep it from melting, especially if I want to ship it?

I make candy sometimes and everyone wants them, but I'm having trouble with the chocolate melting.

Sometimes it has to sit in their office or be at their workplace.

If I want to send someone chocolate it might melt so I can't send it. Is there something I can add to the chocolate to prevent this from happening?

I'm not really aware of any particular ingredient that you can add to chocolate when making candy to keep the chocolate from melting.

You can temper the chocolate which will help some, but if the temperature is hot, chocolate is going to melt. That's just the way chocolate is. :)

For shipping chocolate safely, consider getting some of those little freezer packs to place in the package with your homemade chocolate candy treats.

Just be sure to wrap the chocolate well in a separate packet so that the moisture from the ice-pack doesn't get on the chocolate.

Hope that helps.

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