What are all the different types of chocolate molds?

by Kelly

I am doing a project in school and I am doing it on chocolate. I am needing to find out what all the different types of chocolate molds are.

Hi Kelly,

When asking, "What are all the different types of chocolate molds," are you referring to what the molds are made of?

I assume you are talking about that when you say types. I'm not sure I know ALL the different types of molds, but I can tell you about a few of them.

Early molds were made from cast iron and then later other types of metal, like aluminum.

Most people use plastic chocolate molds these days, but there are also rubber type molds that are starting to become popular.

As for shapes and styles - you name it! There are shapes of just about anything you could want.

And there are a number of different styles, too. You can make lollipops, chocolate covered pretzel rods, chocolate boxes, solid chocolates, hollow chocolates, filled chocolates, etc.

My favorite places for everything to do with molding chocolate candy are Candyland Crafts and One Stop Candle. I'm sure they would have some good ideas for researching your assignment.

Have fun!

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