Valentines Day Projects

by N

Valentines Day Projects - Daily Notes

Being in the military I have been gone for extended periods of time from loved ones.

Once, I wrote a little note and tied it with a ribbon and put them into a small box. I wrote one note for each day that I would be gone.

She was able to open one each day that I wasn't around. Each note contained short sayings or a small "I love you" reminder.

The same concept can be used for Valentines day if you are going to be gone.

That's a very good idea, and you're right. The concept could easily be adapted for a Valentine's Day project or any other holiday.

I do something similar for my husband whenever we are going to be apart for a little while. I usually write notes or cards and hide them all over the house where I know he will eventually find them (sock drawer, fridge drawer, taped to a bag of chips in the pantry, etc.).

If he's the one that will be gone, I hide them in his suitcase, briefcase, etc.

Alternately, you can date your notes to be opened on certain days or at specific times. It's a great Valentine gifts idea to help keep the romance alive in any relationship. :)

Thanks for reminding me of this one and sharing it with everyone else.

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