2012 Valentines Day Ideas Contest

valentines day ideas

Update: Our 2012 Valentines Day Ideas Contest is over and we've got some winners!

We were looking for great Valentines Day ideas for...

valentine chocolates, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, etc.

  • valentine gifts
  • valentine party games
  • valentine crafts
  • valentine decorations
  • homemade valentine cards
  • and more!

If they included chocolate, all the better!

We were looking for your best Valentine ideas for lovers, friends, parents, grandparents, children, students, elderly in the nursing home, or even the postman! :) 

I have to admit I was surprised we didn't have more entries, because our sponsors offered some fantastic prizes (as you can see below), but those who did enter did themselves proud!

View all the entries! 

First let me say thank you so much to each of you who took the time to share your Valentine's Day Ideas here on our website. We received some really clever entries, and I enjoyed reading each and every one.

Because I know some of the entrants personally, I asked 4 different people from 2 continents to judge the contest for me in order to keep it fair and unbiased. :) I'm SO glad I didn't have to choose because they were all so good!

The judges reviewed the submissions and sent me their top 5 picks in order. I then assigned a corresponding point value to each position and the top 3 entries with the most points received were the winners. Thankfully, I didn't end up with a tie and had three clear winners.

I'm happy to announce that the winners of this year's 2012 Valentines Day Ideas contest are as follows:

As a special thank you to all those who entered, I've sent you a copy of a lovely Romantic Valentines Day Recipes ebook. Hopefully it will inspire you to create even more wonderful treats in the future for your loved ones. 

We always enjoy your input at Chocolate Candy Mall, so don't wait around until the next contest to share your creativity! Add your favorites creations all year round!

As soon as I receive the confirmed mailing addresses of the winners, I'll be arranging with a generous sponsors to get your prizes in the mail. Congrats to you all!

Prizes for the 2012 Valentines Day Ideas Contest

    This year we have some really wonderful sponsors for our Valentines Day Contest, rewarding you with some of their classic treats!

valentines day ideas contest prize

First Prize: The entry that is chosen as the very best presented and most unique Valentine idea, will win an unbelievable and delicious gift from one of the classiest chocolate companies I know, zChocolat.com.

They have generously donated their Touché Deluxe from their Romantic Collection.

This amazing gift is a Mahogany box handmade by a French artisan from the Jura (France) and contains 42 pieces of gourmet chocolates handmade by the World Champion Chocolatier Pascal Caffet! The value of this "prize" is $168.00 (US). 

This is pampering to the extreme! I can't tell you how disappointed I am that Ican't be in the running! If you want to make a lasting impression on someone, you'll do it with a Valentine gift from zChocolat.com guaranteed.

valentines day ideas contest prize

Second Prize: Oh my word! You're really lucky if you win second place. I want to win it myself! So not fair that I can't compete! :)

The folks at Dale and Thomas are giving the second place winner their wonderful Valentines Day Sampler worth $49.95, with 12 different flavors of their famous popcorn.

If you've never tasted Dale and Thomas, you have no idea what you are missing.

I ordered a package for my parents a few years ago and they really loved it. They saved a little sample for me to enjoy when I came home for a visit, and let me tell you, it was to die for. This is a fantastic Valentine gift, if you want to treat someone to something special. You can't go wrong!

valentines day ideas contest prize

Third Prize: The third place winner will be feeling pretty pleased with themselves as well. Our friends at the Old Time Candy company have sponsored the contest with their 2.5 lb. Chocolate Lovers box filled with all your old favorites (value $29.95). 

Remember the Bun, Charleston Chew, Goo Goo Cluster, Junior Mints, Baby Ruth, Sky Bar, Clark bar and Cherry Mash? These are just some of the delightful treats you'll find in your box of nostalgic chocolate candy.

Here's an extra tip: If you have a friend or loved one in the military, Old Time Candy will mail your Valentine order postage free to their military address.

As you can see, with these three great prizes available, you simply can't go wrong by entering our Valentines Day Ideas Contest.

Rules for the 2012 Valentines Day Ideas Contest:

  1. Entering the contest is easy! Simply use the form below to submit your own unique Valentines Day Ideas. Tell us all about what you are doing this year, or share something you've done in previous years, or even something that's been done for you!

  2. Your entry must be close to 300+ words, so give us as many details as possible. Remember, every entry will become a permanent page of its own on the website, so two sentences just won't do the trick. ;) 

    If you're having trouble making your submission long enough, you might want to include more than just a step-by-step "how to." Share details about how you came up with the idea, why the recipient (or giver) is special to you, etc. Tell the whole story!

  3. Although an image is not absolutely required, you'll stand a better chance of winning a prize if we "see" what you've created. You can submit up to 4 photos per entry. Remember, a picture paints 1000 words!

  4. Your entry must be unique. It doesn't have to be "original" but it absolutely can not be copied and pasted from somewhere else online. It will be deleted. 

  5. Keep in mind that this is a "family friendly site" so although romantic ideas are very welcome, keep it to a high standard because children might be reading. ;)

  6. Entries will be accepted all the way through February 15th so that those who are creating their special Valentine's Day gift for this Valentine's Day will have time to make it, take their photos, give their gift and report on the results. 

  7. Be sure to leave your email address on the confirmation page so that we will be able to contact you if you're one of the winners!

  8. You can enter as many times as you like to increase your chances of winning, but each entry must meet the submission guidelines as stated above.

I look forward to reading all of your Valentine's Day Ideas. Once you've submitted your entry, let your friends and family know that they can comment on and rate your submission. Here's the entry form!

Your Valentine's Day Ideas

Share your Valentine's Day Ideas for making Valentine's Day extra special! Tell us all the details. Your submission will be it's own page, so include a few photos if you're able, so we can see what you've created.

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