Valentines Day Ideas For Boyfriend

by Ariel

Valentines Day Ideas For Boyfriend

"Romantics From An Unsuspecting Direction"

Okay, I'm not the most romantic girl on Earth. Or at all. But my lovely boyfriend, every year, does something big and lovely and gushing when Valentine's Day comes around.

This year, I finally got him to agree to stay home and have a low key Valentine's Day.

For his "envelope" to his gift, I got a plain wooden heart shaped box from my local thrift store and decoupaged it with phrases from some of my old books he likes, and different valentine's imagery.

Inside, I put a layer of chocolates and lace on a dummy floor. When he gets to the bottom of that (It's a thick box and he's not stupid), the cardstock book separating the compartments says...

    "So, I'm not good at romantics. I'm good at crafts.
    I'm good at massages. I'm good at sarcasm.
    But sometimes, you have to look beneath all that."

When you pull out the book, there's a ring box. Inside is my great-grandfather's ring, which he told me to give to the person who had my heart. (And boy oh boy, this boy does).

And when he gets it, after the initial rush of the gift, I'm just going to go back to reading and sitting on the couch, watching horror movies with him. :)

Hey, I said I wasn't that romantic.

Ariel, I think it's wonderfully romantic. You don't have to be all completely mushy to be romantic. Your Valentines crafts are just as clever as anyone else's. :)

Do you have a digital camera or phone so you can show us a photo of your box? We'd love to see how it turned out.

I also hope you'll come back and tell us later how he reacted to your wonderful gift. (Yes, I'm a romantic and would love to hear the details!)

Thanks for sharing some great Valentines Day Ideas for boyfriends, although I doubt many people have something as incredibly special as their grandfather's ring to give.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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