Valentines Day Chocolate Gifts

These Valentines Day Chocolate Gifts will be received with a lot of gratitude and appreciation! 

Valentine gift ideas can be simple or elaborate, but just knowing they are thought of makes any gift the right one.

What is the first Valentine Gift you can remember getting?

My memory is not very good at the best of times, but my earliest valentine memories go back to early grade school.

We each had a box or bag and everyone in the class brought Valentines to pass out to the class. At the teacher's instruction, we would go around and put the Valentine's into the bag/box of the students we had brought them for.

My mom always made sure I had enough for each child in my class so no one had their feelings hurt. :) Unfortunately, not every parent was concerned about that and some classmates only received a few.

I haven't thought of that in years! But it's a good point. Everyone loves to get a Valentine's gift no matter how small. Our valentines back then were simple little corny cards with a piece of candy attached. But they were special to us.

The older I got, of course, Valentine gifts became even more meaningful. From anonymous gifts to heart shaped boxes of chocolates, each one made the day exciting and anticipated.

What kind of chocolate Valentines Day Gifts are you going to give this year???

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