Using White Chocolate

by Darla
(Saxton Pa.)

A Tip for Using White Chocolate

White chocolate isn't real chocolate because it has no cocoa butter. Candy melts are easy to melt down and coat strawberries very well.

Here are some tips to help you use white chocolate successfully...

After melting your chocolate melts, make sure your strawberries are completely dry. Don't submerge your strawberries in water, just quickly rinse them off and place them on paper towels to dry.

After you dip your strawberries, you can add walnuts, candy sprinkles, coconut, or any other small item to make your strawberries look nice. Lay strawberries on wax paper to dry.

Chocolate covered strawberries can be double dipped also. After you dip them in white chocolate and they dry, you can dip them in chocolate or any other pastel colored candy melt. The pastel colors are nice for baby showers and weddings.

You can also flavor candy melts. Make sure that you use the oils, only about 1 drop per pound, and not the extracts. Extracts have alcohol in them and will seize your chocolate.

You can also color your candy melts with cake decorating color paste. Never use food coloring to color your chocolate because of the water content. Water is the enemy of chocolate.

Hope these tips for using white chocolate help. Happy Candy Making!!!!!

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