Unique Valentines Gift

by Heidi
(Seattle, WA)

Valentine Scavenger Hunt Map (print one for your location at mapquest)

Valentine Scavenger Hunt Map (print one for your location at mapquest)

Unique Valentines Gift
Valentine's Scavenger Hunt

  1. Find the coordinates of a destination to where you can send your Valentine on Valentine's morning.

  2. Send the coordinates in a note by regular USPS mail several days before Valentine's Day or hand deliver the note to their mailbox the day before.

  3. The note must include the coordinates and a specified time to arrive at that destination. eg. A coffee shop in Seattle. Include in the note where to look for the coordinates on a website.

  4. Have a friend waiting at that destination at the specified time to greet your Valentine and hand them a sealed envelope with a note. Your friend will instruct your Valentine to open the envelope before proceeding.

  5. Your note will give instructions to go to your favorite lunch take-out place at the next specified time.

    Beforehand, if they agree to it, ask the shop owner if you can prepay for a meal, including drinks, and have them hand your Valentine the next envelope when they arrive at the specified time to collect the meal already prepared. Write "open me now" on the envelope.

  6. In the envelope have a picture of your favorite place or one well known to them (such as a local park, picnic bench, your back yard etc).

  7. Before your Valentine arrives, prepare the area with a picnic blanket, some flowers, present/s (optional) and
    a handwritten poem that has personal information about things you love about your Valentine. Try and make it rhyme).

  8. Your Valentine will arrive with the food and drinks when you will ask them to set on the blanket. Kiss your Valentine and eat the lunch together sharing loving looks.

  9. Present the personalized card with poem and ask your Valentine what they would like to do next.

  10. Lastly, don't forget to enjoy each other.

Happy Valentine's Day!

That is an incredibly clever and unique valentines gift idea, Heidi. I really like it!

It doesn't have to be terribly expensive (although you can posh it up a bit if you can afford to), but it's so sweet and rather like an adventure.

I think this would make a particularly fun valentine gift for boyfriend or husband. In fact, teenage girls have a hard time coming up with suitable valentine gifts for teenage guys, so something like this Valentine Scavenger Hunt would be perfect. (Although, I'm a bit "old fashioned" so I'd tell the teens to skip the kissing part). ;-)

Thanks so much for sharing this idea Heidi. I know I'm going to use it myself one of these days. Although it's a romantic valentine idea, it would be romantic and fun for any time of year at all - anniversaries, birthdays, or even "just because."


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