Two Year Anniversay Card

by Brooke

My Two Year Anniversary Card

I made this candy gram for our two year anniversary and also as sort of a goodbye/I'll miss you card because he was leaving for a month in Alabama.

It's a bit short and corny (like all candy cards), but I feel like it's the perfect idea.


    I can't believe it has been two WHATCHAMACALLITS (years)! I just wanted to TAKE 5 to tell ya you mean more to me than 100 GRAND and if I searched the entire MILKY WAY I would not find anyone more special. I hope this card gives you some SNICKERS because you are my LIFESAFER. I hope you have MOUNDS of fun next time you go to ALABAMA (too soon) but I'll miss you a lot and love you an EXTRA lot!

    Love Brooke

Hi Brooke,

Really cute idea for an anniversary candy bar card. I hope Tim really enjoyed it. I love how something so simple and inexpensive can make such an adorable lasting memory.

Thanks for taking the time to share your candy bar card idea with us!


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Feb 13, 2011
Wedding Card Ideas
by: Angie

Hi Kelly,

Here are a few ideas for phrases you could include...

As you two SUGAR BABIES tie the knot on this SPECIAL day, be sure to TAKE 5 minutes to SNICKER and CHUCKLES at your BOUNTY in finding each other.

You may hit a SOUR PATCH from time to time or go down a ROCKY ROAD or two, but don't let anything come be TWIX the two of you. There will always be more GOOD & PLENTY days ahead.

Enjoy the CAREFREE days of being newlyweds with MOUNDS of HUGS and KISSES each day.

We'd love to give you 100 GRAND to start your new life together, but UNO that ain't gonna happen! But we do wish an EXTRA load of (Almond)JOY.

Feb 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

I need help with a wedding candy card. can someone give me some ideas please.


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