Trying To Make Hard Candy Dishes

by JP

We are trying to make hard candy dishes but they keep breaking when we take them out of the mold.

We are using Lorann hard candy flavorings and their hard candy recipe and pouring it into hard candy molds shaped as an old fashioned candy dish. Every time we take it out of the mold it cracks.

We tried using peanut oil on mold and pam they come out and taste good but always crack and break.

To get the pattern of the dish on the top and bottom we pour into one mold then grease the bottom of another mold and put that on top and let harden.

The top part comes off its the bottom molds that ends up cracking them when we take it out. Any suggestions?

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Nov 21, 2013
by: liz

Try heating the candy base up to slightly less on your candy thermometer than you have been

Dec 19, 2011
Candy Mold for Hard Candy Dishe
by: Angie

Hi JP,

Sorry we never generated any suggestions for you regarding this technique of making a hard candy dish from a decorative candy mold.

I've never used a candy mold to make a hard candy dish, although I have to say that the idea sounds absolutely brilliant and if successful would yield a stunning result.

I can just picture a candy dish made out of candy and filled with candy, too. What a centerpiece that would make for the holidays. Wouldn't the guests be impressed!

I did my own research (Google, of course) and I couldn't find any suggestions for you either, but I did have a thought, so I decided to share it - better late than never.

I should have asked you how thick you were pouring the mixture into the first mold. You mentioned that you sprayed the molds with oil, which was a good idea and should have solved the problem.

Since the molded candy dish was still cracking and breaking, I wonder if the candy was just too thin. Perhaps if you poured more into the mold or perhaps didn't allow the second mold to set too heavily on top (so you'd have a thicker dish) you might be able to achieve a successful result.

You may have already thought of that and given it a shot, but I wanted to make the suggestion just in case.

If you ever did figure it out, I hope you'll take a moment and let us know what worked for you in the end.

Are you making the hard candy dishes again this year? If so, we'd love to see them, so take some photos and add them to the site for the rest of us to ooh and aaah over! :)

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