Trying To Make A Sexy Valentine Candy Bar Card

by David Straus
(Denver CO)

My fiance is coming back from a long business trip and I want to make her an erotic candy bar card for Valentine's day. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.
David Straus

Hi David,

That's a nice idea. I'm sure your fiance will love it. :)

What I would do is go to your local Walmart or grocery store and browse through the candy section. Looking at the actual names of the candy can give you plenty of inspiration.

To give you an idea of what I mean, pop over to Candy Crate and Candy Warehouse and browse through their selection of candy bars.

Make little notes of sayings you could come up with using HOT TAMALES, BIT-A-HONEY, HOT LIX (TOOTHPICKS), SUGAR DADDY, KISSES, SPECIAL (Dark Hershey's), etc.

Hopefully you'll get some input from other visitors, too.

(Let's not get carried away everybody - I don't want to have to delete anything that's x-rated - but this is a kid friendly site.) :)

By the way, Candy Warehouse only sells in bulk, but if you want to buy the bars online, you can look at the "by the piece" selection at Candy Crate.

If it's not too racy when all is said and done, why not enter your finished Sexy Valentine Candy Bar Card in our Valentine Contest? You may win her an extra surprise, too.

Have fun!

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Apr 21, 2013
Phrases for making candy bar cards NEW
by: Les

I thought of two phrases for making candy bar cards...

You're my HOT TAMALE.
You're my SUGAR DADDY.

Jan 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I like yout thingamajig and whatamacallit!

Mar 10, 2009
Sexy Valentine Card
by: Anonymous

To my wonderful, loveable, KISSABLE, BIG HUNK! Please don’t SNICKER when you read this. I love it when you leave MOMENTOS around the house or when you send me NUTRAGEOUS text messages. You ROLOver to make me LAFFY TAFFY and I have to TAKE 5 to catch my breath. You truly go the EXTRA mile on my behalf even when I am an AIRHEAD. Your love sends me into ORBIT and I would go to the MILKYWAY and back for you. From ZERO to 100Grand you are definitely my PAYDAY in life. Thanks for being my LIFESAVER!

PS. We'll have MOUNDS of fun tonight. Maybe my SUGAR DADDY will SKOR with a BLOW POP. It will be MM (M&M's) good!

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