Truffles made with Cream vs Truffles made with Confectioners Sugar

by Sue
(South Beloit, IL)

What's the difference between truffles made with cream vs. truffles made with confectioner's sugar?

I have found a number of great looking recipes for making Chocolate Truffles. Some say to make them with chocolate and Cream and others say Chocolate and Confectioners Sugar.

I was wondering if you know why such a difference in recipes and what texture/flavor outcome each would produce?

I have never made these before and don’t want to pick a recipe that will produce a disaster.

Hi Sue,

I guess the main difference between truffles made with cream vs. truffles made with confectioners sugar is the flavor and texture.

The truffles made with cream are going to be... well, creamier. :) Chocolate and cream forms a delicious creamy combo called ganache. As long as you follow the directions, you shouldn't have to worry about a disaster.

But the same can be said for truffles made with powdered sugar (confectioners sugar). As long as you follow the instructions of a good recipe I doubt you'll have much trouble.

The type of truffles you decide to make is largely a matter of personal preference. If you adore the simple and creamy texture of ganache, than go with the cream and chocolate type of recipe.

If you want a slightly different texture (don't really know how to describe it - maybe more 'cakey' or 'crumbly'?) but with an unlimited number of variations on added ingredients, try the truffles made with confectioners sugar.

Or, you could be like me, crazy! Make them both!!! :)

Seriously though, chocolate truffles are easy and quick enough to make that it may be worth going ahead and making both varieties to see which you prefer personally.

Got a camera or cell phone? Take a couple of photos and show off your finished work. We'd love to see them and hear your verdict!

Have fun,

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