Tips For Tempered Chocolate And Transfer Sheets

by Kathleen Brennan
(Caldwell, NJ, USA)

Magnetic Chocolate Molds and Transfer Sheets

Magnetic Chocolate Molds and Transfer Sheets

I need tips for tempered chocolate and transfer sheets!

Hi! I am making molded chocolates for my wedding favors. I am using chocolate transfer sheets with two magnetic chocolate molds and am tempering Guittard chocolate buttons (couverture).
I'm running into 2 problems:

1) When I just pour the chocolate in the mold, the transfer sheet design doesn't stick completely to the chocolate. I have now been painting the inside of the molds with chocolate before filling them, which is helping, but still doesn't work perfectly.

2)I can't keep my chocolate in temper for very long. Painting the molds takes forever & by the time I finish painting both molds, my chocolate is usually out of temper. I keep it over hot water in a double boiler, but it's so difficult to keep it at the correct temper temperature for such a long period of time.

Are there any secret weapons to use to keep the chocolate in temper without constantly stirring it & taking it on & off the double boiler or microwave?

It took me HOURS to complete 2 molds (24 pieces each). I have to make about 1200 pieces for my wedding in 3-1/2 months, so I am starting to get SO NERVOUS!

I already purchased all the boxes, candy inserts, and 22 lbs. of chocolate (please don't tell me I will need to buy candy melts!)...

I thought about buying another magnetic mold, but they are around $70 and I just can't talk myself into buying another one, since I will only be using them for my favors... Plus, I have a hard enough time painting 2 molds before my chocolate loses temper... I can't imagine trying to do three!

Are there any tips or tricks you can give me to help keep the chocolate in temper longer and more easily? Also, is there something I can do to ensure that the transfer sheet design will completely stick to the mold?

Absolutely ANY tips or advice would be appreciated - I am at a loss for what to do! Thank you for your time &
I apologize for such a long email!!

Hi Kathleen,

First of all, let me say a big Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. How wonderful and exciting. :)

You asked for tips for tempered chocolate and transfer sheets. Well, there's good news and bad news.

I have not yet used transfer sheets for making chocolate, but they are absolutely stunning when done correctly, aren't they? I'm going to have to put using chocolate transfer sheets on my to-do list!

How are you using the transfer sheets? Are you using a full sheet to line the magnetic mold and then filling the molds with the tempered chocolate?

You said you are also painting the molds. Do you mean you are painting instead of using the transfer molds or trying to do both? I'm trying to visualize what you are doing. Can you be a little more specific about your step-by-step process?

There is an easy solution to your tempering problem. It's a tempering machine. This will keep your chocolate in temper while you are doing the painting and filling of the molds. You can pick one up a tempering machine at Candyland Crafts but they aren't cheap. You probably won't want to go that route unless you plan to enjoy making homemade chocolate candy for years to come. And why wouldn't you? :)

If you can't afford a tempering machine, you could try putting your bowl of tempered chocolate in a crock pot on the lowest setting. Depending on your crock pot, this may work for you. If it is still too warm, maybe try putting a folded dish towel or a potholder between the bottom of the crockpot and the bowl. Not sure if that will work for you, but I'd give it a shot.

I can't wait to see how your wedding favors turn out. Please show us some photos when you get them done.


P.S. If anyone else has more or better tips for tempered chocolate and transfer sheets, please share your tips with Kathleen by using clicking the comment link below.

Comments for Tips For Tempered Chocolate And Transfer Sheets

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Sep 07, 2010
Thank you.
by: Anonymous

Thank you for the sites. My wedding was actually 3 months ago, and I used a tempering machine with my magnetic chocolate molds and transfer sheets. I bought gorgeous & unique sheets from

Sep 07, 2010
Transfer Sheets & Molds For Chocolates
by: Crystal

Hi Kathleen,

You may want to check the sites that I have listed below. The sites provide molds that are already coated with transfer seets and personalized transfer sheet options. If I remember correctly the last site I have listed will also personalize and do your transfer candy for you for a very low cost. In addition a few of the sites also have tips on using transfer sheets. Please let me know if I can be of any more assistance, my email is [email protected].

Feb 19, 2010
Magnetic Molds
by: Angie

Hi Kathleen,

I'd love to see your photo of your magnetic molds (and the chocolates you've made so far). You can send it to me via email as an attachment and I can add it to this page. Just send it to angie(at)chocolate-candy-mall(dot)com.

Otherwise you can use the original Q&A form to upload it and I'll take it from there. ;)

I keep my eyes open for deals on eBay too! That's a very good option for looking for a tempering machine - good thinking!

Check too. After taking a quick look I found a listing there for a chocolate business for sale. They have a couple of smaller tempering machines and they said they may be willing to sell portions of their equipment or all. There are a couple of phone numbers listed. It may be worth checking into it to see if they'd be willing to sell you just one of the smaller machines.

Feb 19, 2010
Picture of mold
by: Kathleen Brennan

I'm sorry, I didn't realize I couldn't post a picture! Here is a website that shows the type of mold:

Thanks again!

Feb 19, 2010
More Info...
by: Kathleen Brennan

Hi again!
Thanks so much for your quick response!

I am lining the bottom of a magnetic chocolate mold with a transfer sheet, so that when the cooled chocolate is inverted, the chocolates will pop out with the transfer sheet design already adhered. I attached a picture (my molds are squares, but it's the same type of mold).
I am painting each cavity (so I would be painting the transfer sheet itself on the bottom) inside of the mold in hopes that this will help the transfer sheet design stick better.

I did ponder buying a tempering machine, but I honestly can't afford it at this time (especially due to all the wedding costs!)... I however do always check Ebay for a steal!

A crock pot is a great idea! I am going to try it this weekend! I will let you know how it works out and if it does, I will let you know the type of crock pot I used in hopes it will help other chocolatiers!

Yes, any other tips whatsoever from yourself or readers if greatly appreciated! I will take all the help I can get!

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