The Weather And Candy Making

by Leslie Rarick
(McGregor, Tx)

I have a question about the weather and candy making...

My wife and I have always believed that the weather needs to be fair and the barometer at least steady at a fairly high reading or close to 30.00 and rising when making candy.

Is this an "old wives tale" or can air pressure actually play a part in fudge setting up firm?


That's a good question Leslie.

It is certainly true that the weather can have an effect on your candy making, especially the humidity. A cool, dry day is the best time to make candy.

If it is a humid day, and you're determined to make your candy, bring your candy a degree or two hotter than the recipe calls for to compensate for the humidity.

As far as the air pressure is concerned, that plays a roll, too. Generally it, too, can be compensated for by adjusting your temperatures.

For example, those that live in higher altitudes have to adjust by determining the boiling point of water at their altitude and adjust their temperatures down accordingly.

The general rule is to lower the boiling point amount to 1.9 degrees F. for each 1,000 feet increase in altitude.

With fudge, I rarely use recipes that call for checking the temperature. I've made fudge in different types of weather and at different altitudes. I usually don't have trouble with it setting.

Of course, I hardly give it a chance to cool before diving in. :-)

So, long story short, you and your wife are correct!


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