Thank You Teacher Card

by Kelly

Kelly's Teacher Thank You Card

Kelly's Teacher Thank You Card

I need to make a Thank You Teacher Card for my daughter's pre-school teacher.

Can you give me some suggestions or help?


Hi Kelly,

What I like to do is browse through some of the creative ideas other people have listed that they've used in various cards.

This gives you some clever uses of the names of the different candies. How about something like...

    Dear -----,
    I wanted to TAKE 5 minutes to say thanks for being such a SPECIAL teacher. The kids may act like SMARTIES and be all BUTTERFINGERS at times. Other times they may SNICKER in class and even tell WHOPPERS. You have to CHUCKLE at their antics even when you are falling to (Reeses)PIECES. Being a teacher is no PICNIC some days, and you may have a ROCKY ROAD, but we think you're worth 100 GRAND for all the effort you put in. Hope you have a CAREFREE summer and enjoy a FAST BREAK somewhere special.


At least that will give you a place to start. Let us know what you do in your final version. You may come up with some extra clever phrasing.

Have fun!

Update: Kelly sent in her finished thank you card for the teachers and I've posted it above. Here's what it says...

    You are all SWEETTARTS for everything you teach. You deserve to TAKE 5 for yourself. We know sometimes our kids act like AIRHEADS or like they're from MILKY WAY. You bring such ALMOND JOY when you teach about WATCHAMACALLIT and ignore their WHOPPERS. It must be hard to contain your SNICKERS when those little SUGAR BABIES tell you MOUNDS of stories. Have a FUN DIP in the pool. Enjoy your summer!

Great job, Kelly!

I think you came up with much better phrases than I suggested. I'm sure the teachers will love their thank you card.

Thanks for showing it off to us!


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