Tempered Chocolate Over Cake?

Hi, Will cake be ok as a filling in a tempered chocolate candy? Or will it "spoil" and not last?

I want to try putting cake inside my tempered chocolate candy, but I am worried it will not last as long as the candy itself, but since it would be fully sealed off in chocolate, I thought it might be ok.

Your advice is welcome. Thanks.

I think it's a yummy idea. There's a similar idea on the page for bite sized cake balls.

The cake will keep longer than usual, I suppose, but it's not going to keep indefinitely. Chocolate will keep forever (or just about) :) but the cake will definitely have a shorter shelf life.

I don't know for sure how long. Anyone else have an educated guess?

If not, I suppose you can be the one who tests it and comes back here with the answer, so the rest of us will know how long tempered chocolate over cake will keep. :)


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Jan 13, 2009
Tempered Chocolate over Cake?
by: Carmen Sevison

I make this every year and I usually keep it in the fridge. They do last a while, I don't know how long though, they are ate up in a couple of weeks!!

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