Temperature To Melt Carob

by Mike

Do you know the temperature to melt carob? I have been melting chocolate in the microwave on half power but the carob is not getting as liquid. Does it need higher temps or lower?


Hi Mike,

I don't really don't know what the melting point of carob is, but I've always thought of it as much like chocolate in behavior - though I don't have much experience with carob.

Here's another discussion about melting carob chips that you may find helpful.

Sounds like the consensus is that if you want the carob to stay soft and spreadable, use milk or cream in the melting process.

If you want the carob to still set up like for dipping or molding, add some oil, shortening, or paraffin while melting.

I'm guessing you'll do better finding the right temperature to melt carob by using a double boiler rather than the microwave.

Let me know how it turns out for you.

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