Swirled Fudge

by Georgette
(Wilton, Iowa)

I Need Some Tips On How To Make Swirled Fudge

I Need Some Tips On How To Make Swirled Fudge

I have tried several times to make swirled fudge and apparently I'm doing something totally wrong.

I make the fudge and pour half in a pan then add flavoring to the other part and pour it on immediately.

When I do this it seems to not swirl very well on top. Is this normal? or am I doing something wrong?

I'm at a loss.. After 5 batches of very expensive trying I don't want to give up since I know it can be done but... any help would be great...

Do I need to let the 1st layer cool more then I do? Or do I need to work faster since it seems to set extremely quick?

Please help!

Hi Georgette,

If the fudge is not swirling like you are wanting it to, what exactly IS it doing? Can you be more descriptive in what you are doing and the results you are getting?

Normally when you want to make swirled fudge, you make one batch of fudge and divide it just before you add the chocolate (or other ingredients for various flavors). Usually the bulk of the mixture is used for the base layer with just a cup or so set aside for the top swirling layer.

Once you've divided the mixture, work with the base first stirring/melting the chocolate into the mixture and pouring it into the baking pan and setting it aside.

Then immediately create the top contrasting layer by adding the desired chocolate/peanut butter/flavors, etc. This is then quickly poured on top and a knife is pulled through the fudge to create the swirled look as seen in the photo above.

Is that the process you are following? Are you maybe using too much for your top layer?

Let us know the exact process/recipe you are following and even share some pictures if you like so we can get a better idea of where you might be going wrong.

Hope this helps!
Angie from chocolate-candy-mall.com

P.S. Even though your fudge may not have been swirling the way you had planned, I bet it still tasted good, so it wasn't a complete waste. ;)

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Jul 09, 2014
This youtube video may help NEW
by: The Fudge Lady

I've not tried it, but it does seem like it would work...



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