Sweet Coconut Eggs

by Thorsten
(Ettlingen, Germany)

Sweet Coconut Eggs is a very simple Easter Dessert, but your kids will love it - and not only the kids! :)

Ingredients you need:

8 Gooseberries
1 Cup Coconut yogurt
1 Cup Mascarpone
5 Tbsp. Coconut syrup
Grated lime peel
2 Tbsp. Lime juice
4 Kinder Surprise eggs

How To Make Your Sweet Coconut Easter Eggs:

Mix up the coconut yogurt, mascarpone, coconut syrup, lime peel and juice.

Halve the surprise eggs.

Fill the cream in the eggs, and put in each egg a gooseberry as yolk.

Happy Easter!

Hi Thorsten,

Thanks so much for this interesting and easy Easter egg recipe. I'm not a big fan of coconut myself, but it seems a LOT of people are, so it should be a big hit!

I've never seen the Kinder Surprise eggs in the US, although we do have them here in Australia. For those in the US, they can substitute the Kinder Surprise eggs for any hollow chocolate Easter eggs.

Thanks again for sharing this lovely and sweet idea.


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