Sugar-Free Chocolate Won't Set Up

by Mandy

I am trying to make sugar-free chocolate in molds by scratch and the chocolate will not harden.

I used unsweetened chocolate, evaporated milk, equal, and vanilla. Will adding corn starch to the mixture help in solidify?

Hi Mandy,

When you unsweetened chocolate, are you referring to solid unsweetened chocolate or are you talking about a cocoa powder?

If the unsweetened chocolate is solid chocolate that you have melted down, you you shouldn't add the evaporated milk to it because you are making it too runny and that's why the sugar free chocolate won't set up.

You can probably get away with adding the equal (or other sweetener) and possibly even a small amount of vanilla (although it may cause the chocolate to seize), but if you add much more you will likely have problems when trying to mold the chocolate.

If you are referring to a powdered unsweetened chocolate cocoa, you are not going to have success making molded chocolates. Adding corn starch is not going to make it work.

Making solid chocolate is quite a science and most home cooks are not going to achieve such a feat without some serious practice and learning the technique. I don't do it myself.

If wanting to make molded chocolates, always start with a solid chocolate - bar, chips, wafers, etc. You can add a small amount flavoring using chocolate friendly flavoring oils.

Once you start adding more liquids, you will change the texture completely, and although it may taste nice, it will not be suitable for molded chocolates.

If you are determined to try to salvage the batch of sugar free chocolate you have made, you may try adding some Crisco or other vegetable shortening to help it set, but you'll probably have to just make balls or use cookie cutters or something on the mixture rather than the molds.


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