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I used to think Sugarfree Chocolate Candy was disgusting and not even worth eating. If I couldn't have the "real" thing, I would rather do without. 

In recent years, I have changed my mind completely!

I had to make a genuine effort to lose some weight, which meant getting my chocolate cravings under control. 

I discovered that I really needed to have a little something sweet to feel like I was treating myself and not being completely deprived. 

I began taste testing sugar free chocolate candy. To my surprise I found out that progress had been made in the industry with all the artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes.

Yes, there are some sugarfree chocolate candies that are pretty awful, I admit, but, nowadays, that is the exception rather than the rule. You just have to choose wisely. :) 

Some of my favorite sugarfree chocolate candy choices are these you see listed on the right side. I change them from time to time when I make new discoveries. 

Don't Worry About Caff

If you are worried about the caffeine, you can still enjoy sugar free white chocolate candy without concern. 

Personally, I prefer and enjoy the depths of chocolaty flavor. Do you? Try out some sugar free dark chocolate

Believe it or not, nowadays, you can even get Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Cherries.

For those of you who are real chocolate connoisseurs, you may find it necessary to indulge in Sugar Free Gourmet Chocolate. Whatever your situation, I'm sure you can find a sugarfree chocolate that is just right for you.

sugarfree chocolate candy york peppermint patties

You can purchase some basic sugarfree chocolate candy at your local grocers or Walmart in the candy section.

My local stores carry a couple of popular brands of sugar free chocolates like Hershey's and Nestle. 

If you want to order some really nice sugarfree chocolate candy online, I recommend you try out my list of sugar free chocolate gift sellers for the best choices. 

Make Your Own Sugar Free Chocolate Candy

Maybe you would like to try your hand at making your own sugarfree chocolate candy. I have a selection of recipes for you to try. You can even get the sugar free chocolate for use in making any of the other chocolate candy recipes on this site that calls for chocolate to be melted.

You could try truffles, or cream filled chocolates, or even chocolate covered fruit, nuts, or pretzels. Just visit Candyland Crafts to get your choice of dark, milk, or white sugar free chocolate melts.

In my mind, no one should have to give up the pleasure of chocolate candy unless absolutely, positively necessary.

Sugarfree Chocolate Recipes:

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Got A Scrumptious Homemade Chocolate Candy Recipe?

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