Sugar Free Gourmet Chocolate

sugar free gourmet chocolate truffles

You can indulge yourself with Sugar Free Gourmet Chocolate and enjoy the luxury of chocolate candy without the guilt trip that normally goes along with it. 

Do you have to deprive yourself of some of life's most delicious pleasures just because you don't want to consume all the sugars that usually accompany them?

I think not! There are plenty of selections of sugarfree gourmet chocolate candy that is quite a treat.

I'm a true chocoholic and can hardly bear to go without my favorite all time food group - chocolate!

However, I'm not so lucky as to be one of those people that can eat chocolate without gaining an ounce. Oh how I wish!

So, chocolate that is sugar free and still quite tasty has become a welcome alternative for me when I'm in "diet mode," as I often am. It's sort of like having your cake and eating it too. :~)

What Kind of Gourmet Chocolate 
Are You Looking For?

There are a variety of gourmet chocolate choices that are completely sugar free. Depending on what you are seeking, allow me to recommend a few of my favorites.

  • Hand dipped sugarfree chocolate - you'd be surprised at the affordable gorgeous chocolate choices out there. 

  • Sugar free Gourmet Chocolate Bars - If you are simply interested in a gourmet chocolate bar without the sugar, you will find a variety to choose from. You can eat them 'as is' or use them in making up your own favorite chocolate candy recipe.

  • Gourmet Sugar Free Chocolate Truffles - Yes, you can even have truffles!

I know of a couple of really good chocolate candy suppliers who offer mouthwatering truffles. One of my old favorites is Fannie May Candies. They have boxes of assorted truffles as well as their very popular "mint meltaways" and "pixies" (Fannie May's version of turtles), all sugar free.

Below are a few other choices I can recommend for some gourmet sugar free truffles and chocolate candy. Although I am not quite as familiar with all of their chocolate candy, I have it on good authority that it is really quite good. 

Go ahead and treat yourself or a loved one to some gourmet sugar free chocolate. I consider myself to be "sugar challenged." A little goes a long way on my hips so I have to be a bit cautious. With these thoughtful gourmet chocolate providers, I don't have to constantly deny myself.
Do what I do; enjoy!

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