Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Cherries

sugar free chocolate covered cherries

Good Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Cherries can be hard to come by. You can buy them online or you can make them yourself.

What do YOU want to do?

If you're wanting to buy sugarfree chocolate cherries, I've got a few options for you. The suppliers are always changing with the stock they have available, so I'm always trying to keep up with the latest.

Scroll down the page to find the latest chocolate covered cherry listings available at my favorite candy stores.

Some candy stores only sell in bulk, but I guess that's not always a bad thing, is it? ;)

However, if you're more interested in making your own sugarfree chocolate covered cherries instead of buying them, you can do that too.

The secret is locating a good quality sugar free chocolate for melting.

There are a few types of sugar free chocolate that I can recommend for candy making. The first brand is Wilbur Wafers Nuggets, and they are available in milk, dark, or white chocolate at Candyland Crafts. They also have molds you can use to make your chocolate covered cherries if you want them to have a perfect finish.

Another range of sugar free chocolate that is really nice is made by Vanleer. You will find Vanleer in both dark and milk chocolate varieties at An Occasional Chocolate.

Once you've got the chocolate, all you really need is a recipe. :) Why not try one of our chocolate covered cherry recipes and simply substitute your sugar free chocolate in place of the regular chocolate the recipes call for. I think you will love the results. Mmmmmmmmm.

Do keep in mind that, as one visitor pointed out, some recipes call for more than just dipping your cherries in sugar free chocolate. If you want to make cherry cordials, sugar is almost ALWAYS involved in making the fondant or centers.

What can you do instead? Good question! I had a look around for alternatives and found this little mixture for wrapping your cherries before dipping them in the sugarfree chocolate:

  • 2 teaspoons of butter
  • 2 teaspoons of honey (raw is best)
  • 1/2 cup of powdered xylitol

Combine these three ingredients together to make a paste mixture to replace the fondant that you wrap around your cherries before dipping them or placing them in chocolate covered cherry molds.

Okay, for those of you who wanted to just purchase your sugar free chocolate cherries, here are the latest and greatest!

Whether you buy or make your sugar free chocolate covered cherries, they are a treat that you can enjoy without worrying about the sugar. These are especially good treats if you are on a low carb diet and are a chocolate "craver," like I am.

You can satisfy that sweet tooth without getting all those sugar calories. Just enjoy. I sure do!

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