Sugar Free Chocolate Chips

sugar free chocolate chips

Are you looking for Sugar Free Chocolate Chips?

They are sometimes difficult to come by. Believe me, I know! It took me a while to locate them myself, which is one of the reasons why I added a specific page here at Chocolate Candy Mall to help you find them a little more quickly. :)

In reality, these bite sized morsels are more aptly called sugar free wafers, or sugar free chocolate melts by most suppliers.

But, whatever you call them, they are great for making your favorite sugarfree chocolate candy recipes. 

You can use sugarfree chocolate chips in recipes of all sorts. Ever since I started seriously watching my sugar intake about 8 years ago, I have had to cut out or reduce the intake of some of my favorite treats, especially chocolate. 

That's quite a blow when you love chocolate as much as I do, but now, there are many more options available in sugar free chocolate, so it's not as dire a situation as it once was. Imagine my grin when I made that discovery!

sugar free chocolate chips

Wilbur makes sugarfree chocolate wafers. They are available in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate at Candyland Crafts. Here's their page for sugar free nuggets and wafers.

You can also find some yummy sugar free chocolate wafers made by Vanleer in milk and dark chocolate at An Occasional Chocolate. 

I'm always keeping my eyes open and my nose to the wind, sniffing out more sugarfree chocolate chips sources, so I'll add them from time to time or swap some out when others become unavailable. Keep your own eyes peeled and pass on your suggestions when you find something scrumptious that I may not have listed already!

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