Strawberry Hard Candy

strawberry hard candy

Strawberry hard candy is a delicious way to add color and delight to a themed princess party, baby shower, or wedding shower.

Whether you want a color themed party (pink or red), or a flavor themed party, you can usually find just the right selection of treats to make the eyes of your guests light up with pleasure.

I'm a chocolate lover at heart, so you might think that strawberry hard candy doesn't hold much appeal for me.  In that thought, you would be wrong!  ;)

Yes, chocolate is my favorite sweet, but I've been blessed (or cursed) with quite a sweet tooth. 

Candies of all sorts are quite addicting to me and strawberry happens to be one of my favorite fruit flavors of both candy and gum! 

This summer I enjoyed a selection of pink candies from A Candy Store and amongst the lot was a selection of strawberry hard candy - pink lollipops and pink candy sticks in particular.

I could have certainly eaten the lot myself (no hardship there at all!), but I knew I would enjoy them nearly as much by sharing them with some of my adorable nieces. 

strawberry hard candy

I have to admit that it was a lot of fun for all of us and I knew that these pink candies would be absolutely perfect as party favors for a theme based party.

My sweet girls love princess parties and tea parties, so anything pink is appreciated. A pink themed party with strawberry candies and pink punch would be perfect!

Wouldn't a baby shower be beautifully enhanced with a full array of pink candies for girls (or blue for boys, of course - perhaps blueberry flavored???) as party favors for your guests?

strawberry hard candy

I suppose pink isn't a very popular color for weddings in some circles these days, but I still think pink accents can be quite lovely when used just right.

My own anniversary is just a week away (23 years!) and I love reflecting on my own beautiful wedding day and all those special memories.  I used a pale peach and a bit of sea-foam green as the accent colors for my big day.

Whether you have a candy buffet for your guests or simply create some cute and clever wedding candy favors in your own unique color scheme, keep in mind that most people enjoy a yummy candy treat.

Buying bulk candy for special events is often a much cheaper option than buying individual pieces or smaller bags at your local grocery store or Walmart.  Here are a few of my favorite places to buy pink hard candy (and other colors and flavors, too)...

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