Storing Peanut Butter Buckeyes

by Maria
(Dayton, Ohio)

Hi! I have a small business selling my buckeyes, and I'd like to expand by possibly selling them in a cake decorating/candy supply store I shop at.

The issue is, I always keep mine refrigerated, and to sell at the store they would not be. The ingredients are butter (melted), peanut butter, powdered sugar, and dipping chocolate.

Would these be okay in an airtight container at room temperature for a couple of weeks, or should they really be refrigerated?

I would also wrap them in food grade cello wrap individually for sale, if that makes a difference. I'm so nervous about this... any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Hi Maria,

Congratulations on your expanding business!

Storing peanut butter buckeyes in an airtight container is a good idea, but I can't say if they would keep well for weeks.

Part of the answer would depend on the temperature inside the shop where you plan to sell them. If the temperature is too warm, the chocolate will melt onto the cellophane.

If the temperature is okay, you should at least be able to keep the chocolate covered peanut butter buckeyes for about at least a week. Hopefully, they'll sell so fast that you won't have to worry about a long shelf life. :)

Good luck!

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Feb 01, 2010
by: Maria

... congratulations to you for starting your own business! It's not easy to take that leap! I've decided to not try and sell the buckeyes in stores because of the storage issue. And also, I'd have to upgrade my licensing from cottage. And that means I'd have to have a dedicated kitchen, which I don't. And rental for one is too expensive for me right now. It's just too much.
One thing I did was start a Facebook page for my business, and I put updates and pictures on it. I advertised it through Facebook, and I have 105 fans, most of whom I don't even know. It only translated to two orders, but two is better than none!
I also worked three craft fairs and sold lots there (buckeyes were in coolers). But that's a TON of work, and it's hard to know how much to prepare beforehand. I did well at one of them, okay at one of them, and the third one was a bust because the organizer let in three other vendors that were selling chocolate, and it was a smaller craft fair. So you have to be careful with those.
Anyway, good luck to you! Sounds like you're on the right path. If you have any tips, please feel free to post them... I need all the help I can get! Take care!

Jan 30, 2010
by: Lostgirl

Hi, congrats on your business. I am trying hard to get mine off the ground. I have advertisred with ad's, and such, but only got 2 replies to my ad in the few months I have kept it running. I just put a new ad up for Valentines, but everytime I do get a reply again only twice, and when I return their e-mails they never contact me back when they tell me they need them in 2 weeks. I try to return the e-mails 2-3 times asking to please let me know the theme, and exactly what they have in mind. It feels like I won't get mine to take off, and I have been baking/cooking since I was 11. I have done Buckeyes with my mom since I was little. I noticed that Buckeyes are tempermental. Since they need a freezer for initial set up at least that's how we have always done it I personally would be a bit worried on store temp. Also depending on which part of the country you live in they may have their heaters on which is deadly for Buckeyes. Is there a way they may can display them in a mini glass door fridge, or an something like a cooler that can hold in the coolness? I might even suggest like one of those lunch box things in which you freeze, and put in the bottom of your lunch bag might help keep it stable. I wouldn't try to sell them past a week only due to chocolate tends to grey up as it grows older. I wish you the best in your business, and would love any tips on how I might can get mine to start getting some attention.

Jan 13, 2010
by: Maria

THanks for your help, Angie! I'd like to sell mine at a store, but I've yet to figure out how to get a longer shelf life out of them, like the ones sold at Cracker Barrel. They must have something in them (maybe margarine instead of butter) that keeps them that way. But I'm not willing to change my recipe, so...
I'll figure something out! Thanks again!

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